Quick update: First New Food! 

Okay so I know it’s late in the evening and I will probably regret how gross I look in the above video. But I had to share this happy feeling somewhere and I’m home alone so I guess the internet is as good a place as any! I JUST TRIED A NEW FOOD! it’s only a raspberry, which I kinda knew I’d like because I love all other berries but it’s a food that’s plagued me all my life because, as I said, I love berries but just could never bring myself to eat one of these little pink blobs of goodness. 

The slightly challenge and pressure placed on me thanks to the exposure therapy is what finally got me to try this treat. I was putting it off after I recently purchased a banana (the first task I had to complete as part of this process), because with the banana I didn’t have to actually eat anything. But this time round it was the real deal. I bit the bullet… or rather the raspberry and it actually tasted pretty damn good. I thought I’d record this momentous occasion so that my first step towards a normal diet can be immortalised. 

For anyone out there with similar struggles, have faith and persevere! I’m so incredibly proud of myself right now and I’m not ashamed to say it. 

These are baby steps in the right direction, and to the future I say BRING IT ON! 💪🏻 


~ Callum 


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